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My name is Melanie Walters and I love cats!

I started this blog to share pictures of cats, information about cats and meet other cat lovers like you. So if you are like me and want to make your feline friends happy and to keep them healthy, then you're in the right place.

FaceKitty is my way of connecting with all the cats I've ever wanted but couldn't have. So let me help you take care of your cat, there is room in my heart for lots of cats, even if there is no room left in my house! If you'd like to leave a comment, post one here. If you have a cat picture or story you'd like to contribute to this blog, contact me here.

I'll also have some guest bloggers from time to time. One of the bloggers you'll meet is Wendell who is Maddy's human. He is great for finding cool gadgets and chic cat gear online. So let's share interesting facts about cats, pictures of cats and talk about fantastic finds for cats and their humans.

About my cat

"There is something different about that little black one," my sister said as we walked over to her neighbor's yard. And she was right. Neo had a way right from small of just relaxing completely in your arms. I guess he though that if you were holding him up he could conserve his energy and not work at holding himself up.

Well nothing has changed; he still completely relaxes in your arms so now his 10 lbs feels more like 20! You have to make sure you securely grasp his legs and his upper body because if you aren't careful, he'll slip right out of your arms with a thud on the floor!

But don't let that laid back appearance fool you. He is quite the hunter! At night his mom took him out for hunting lessons, lessons he never forgot -to this day he still uses his hunting skills to catch his toys!

He was so cute as a kitten and he really hasn't lost that cute kitten quality even now as he approaches his fifth birthday.

I love to carry him around. He rides on my shoulders and watches as I work, he sleeps with me and sits on my desk as I work, and he is my constant companion. I know I spoil him, I give him way too many treats and toys but he loves the attention I give him and even asks for more! - I can't walk by him without him raising his head and calling me over to pet him.

Now, tell me about your cat and show me some pictures!

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