What Is RSS?

What is RSS?

Simply put RSS is a way for you to control the information you get from the Internet. It's like having your own personal research assistant.  You tell it what information you want to gather and it collects it all, organizes it all and presents it all efficiently and in an easy to manage format.  Oh, and did I mention, it does all of this instantly, the minute the information is published online?  

Sound too good to be true?  Well, think about it for a minute...

Right now you get information from the Internet in two ways from Email and off of websites.  You may not even realize how much time you waste everyday looking for information online.   If you don't already use RSS, that probably means.....

... your email inbox is cluttered with newsletters and updates and JUNK and

...you probably spend a lot of time going to individual websites looking up the information you want.  

There's gotta be an easier way than that... 

RSS is the easier way to manage information

RSS is a way for you to beat all that email clutter and cut down wasted surfing time.  Imagine getting the latest videos, pictures, articles, and news headlines, from several different websites and newsletters all organized in one place on your computer as soon as the information is published. 

I thought you'd like that... 

Great...But how does RSS work? 

First you need a feed reader to collect and sort your RSS feed subscriptions.  Then you subscribe to any web bases source of information that interests you.   Your feed reader automatically updates the content every few minutes and you can browse through the headlines and read short summaries of the information.  

What are Feed Readers?

You may already be familiar with some websites that allow you to personalize the home page.  Yahoo, MSN, Google - they've all got RSS capabilities.  That's why you always see accurate news headlines, sports scores, weather updates, stock quotes and more.  You can also add content from any site that uses RSS.  So a feed reader is kind of like these personalized homepages. 

Two Types of RSS Feed Readers

There are two types of RSS readers, web based readers (also called browser based readers) and Software (also called desktop based readers) .  There are advantages and disadvantages to both so do a little research to find the right one for you.  

A Browser-based Reader is an online news reader.  You visit the website, log in, and read your feeds online.   It's accessible from any computer with Internet connection.  There is really only one disadvantage, browser-based readers are slower than desktop readers because you have to wait for each feed to load.  

Desktop Based Reader

The software or desktop based reader is downloaded and installed onto your computer, you open the application so it can download your feeds and then you can read them on your desktop.  They are fast!  They update your content as soon as you go online so switching from feed to feed is instant. 

Subscribing to a feed

You subscribe by clicking on the RSS Icon or copying and pasting the link into your chosen RSS Feed reader to initiate the subscription process.  

Look for these icons on your favorite websites to subscribe to their RSS Feed.  

Web based RSS Feed Readers:








RSS readers for Mac:




RSS readers for Windows:





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